Current Trends in Bone Tissue Engineering

Over the past 20 years, bone tissue engineering has been the issue of considerable research in the time of regenerative medicine. The current trends include the technical in surgical and orthopaedic implants techniques for bone regeneration. For bone regeneration and tissue engineering strategies contain gene, protein and cell delivery to the defective bone sites. GAM (Gene-activated matrices) is shown considerable outcomes with bone regeneration. In GAM technology, cytokines and growth factors could be delivered as plasmid genes, not recombinant proteins which lead to in situ osteogenic protein production, thus inducing bone repair and osteogenesis. Overall a common platform for clinical experience, commercial application and biological principles is necessary for the technology development.


  • Autologous stem cells
  • Designing of new biodegradable polymers
  • Use of carbon nitride for bone regeneration
  • Manipulation and differentiation of signaling pathways and differentiation
  • Bio engineered bone of clinical grade
  • Adipose derived cells for bone tissue engineering
  • Scaffold bioactivation
  • Hedgehog pathway
  • Mitogenic activated protein kinase pathways

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